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Who is the Eye On Surfing

Welcome to the Eye On Surfing website.

You might wonder just who I am where did I come from. Simple, My name is Don August I'm a lover of sports and photography.


I've spent the last 20 years in the horse racing industry, the last 5 as a racing official at all three southern California race tracks. During my free time at work I started taking pictures. I found i did pretty good at it so the more i took the more I loved it.

I've taken my Canon to different sporting events and have enjoyed shooting some of the best sports there is. Baseball, golf, football. I can't get enough of sports images.



Over the next few years I tried to fill my off days with an occasional contest but with a work schedule that included weekends that was tough to do. Another thing that was tough was finding out when and where all the events were held. I was constantly seeing pictures on instagram and thought, darn i didn't know about that event.


So Eye on Surfing was born.


Here I will combine as many surfing associations as i can into one easy to navigate site.


  • Looking for an upcoming event ? All you have to do is click on the Upcoming Events tab.

  • Looking for pics and videos of some amazing competitors? You can find that right here in the gallery

  • Fun features on surfers themselves? you got it..right here with my blog style entries


Hope you enjoy this journey I've begun to combine as many California surf moments into one site that will look to continue to grow. If you have any interesting information about any surfer that would make for interesting reading, please drop me an email and let me know.


While in high school, I was sports editor at our school paper and went on the write sports for many different publications for the next 20 years.

Two years ago I had a free weekend and drove down to Huntington Beach to check out the USA World Surfing Championships. With my camera in tow I found my spot on the beach, slopped on my 70 spf sun screen and boom...My love for watching surfing was born.


Never had I watched surfing before, but let me tell you I was impressed.


Kids half my size spinning around on waves. Competitors from many different nations cheering each other on as they filled up the cloud-less sky with arial moves that made my jaw drop.


Yes, I was now a surfing fan.


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