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After nine events that made up the regular season, the Western Surfing Association held their West Coast Championships at Church Beach in San Clemente. At stake were the WCC title, the season long championship and automatic entries into the USA Surfing Championships next month at Lower Trestles.

After the points went in for the last event, they are being tabulated by USA Surfing and championship invites will be sent out soon.

As for the season ender, the great swell and high-level surfing produced a weekend full of high scores and dramatic finishes. Let's see how the season finale played out.

Boys U18

Season Champion : Ryder Smith


  1. Timothy FANDEY 15.40

  2. Finn MURPHY 13.50

  3. Laird LAVIK 12.53

  4. Milo ELI-MCGREGOR 9.56

Tim Fandey

Timothy Fandey had back-to-back scores of 8.67 and 6.73 to nail down the title. The 17-year-old came into the event the 11th seed and came out on top, beating out the 16th seed Finn Murphy. Murphy had a high of 8.33 in his second-place finish. Laird Lavik had a 6.50 wave in his third place result and Milo Eli-McGregor rounded out the finalists.

Boys U16

Season Champion : Laird Lavik


  1. Laird LAVIK 14.17

  2. Curren BAIN 8.73

  3. Westley YOUNG 6.33

  4. Jonny HERROUIN 4.96

Laird Lavik

Laird Lavik won his third title of the season and he needed only two waves to do it. While runner up Curren Bain surfed eight waves with highest being a 4.50, Lavik caught just two, but they were a 6.00 and an 8.17 giving him a heat winning 14.17 score. He came in the third seed and left the top seed. Westley Young and Jonny Herrouin both came in top five seeds and rounded out the finals finishing third and fourth respectively.

Boys U14

Season Champion : King Nicol


  1. King NICOL 16.27

  2. Makai CASTLE 13.77

  3. Jett MAUGHAN 13.20

  4. Carson CARR 7.60

King Nicol scored on only three waves in the final but his scores of 6.67 and 9.60 were good enough for a 16.27 heat total and the championship, his second title of the day. Makai Castle made a last-ditch effort to catch the lead, but his final solid attempt scored a 7.27, good enough for second. Jett Maughan and Carson Carr made a solid runs all day to make the final, ending in 3rd and 4th respectively. Castle had the highlight of the event with a perfect 10 wave score in round 1 and Carr added a 9.5 in his qualifying.

Boys U12

Season Champion : Finn Castle

King Nicol


  1. King NICOL 15.84

  2. Finn CASTLE 13.83

  3. Zion WALLA 10.00

  4. Wyatt YOUNT 9.33

King Nicole won the division as he put up an 8.67 on his final wave to seal the title after opening with a 7.17 score. Finn Castle made a valiant effort with scores of 8.00 and 5.83 but settled for second place. Zion Walla caught just two waves with a high of 5.83 for third and Wyatt Yount had a 5.00 high wave for fourth place.

Boys U10

Season Champion : Waylon Brennan


  1. Brett GREGORIUS 11.77

  2. Tory PONTERES 11.1

  3. Brock McDONALD 9.50

  4. Zackery TAYLOR 0.00

Brett Gregorius

Brett Gregorius needed a 5.45 in the closing seconds and delivered a 6.10 to overtake leader Troy Ponteres and get the win. It was his 3rd win of the season.

Ponteres had a high of 5.93 in his second place finish and Brock McDonald scored a 5.33 in his third place result.

Micro Grom Boys U9

Season Champion : Zackery Taylor


  1. Zackery TAYLOR 12.33

  2. Jaden PLATT 9.17

  3. Cash-Jonez SCHILLMOELLER 8.80

  4. Ray HENNINGS 7.06

Zackery Taylor

Zackery Taylor, who led the division the whole season, completed his run with the title, when he nailed a 7.00 on his final wave for the win. It was his 7th title of the 10 event season.

Jaden Platt, 4th seed in the event took the runner up spot with a high wave score of 5.60. Cash-Jonez Schillmoeller, number two all season, finished 3rd and Ray Hennings rounded out the top four with a high wave score of 3.83.

Mini Groms U7

Season Champion : Maverick Suess


  1. Maverick SUESS 13.50

  2. Greyson BURRELL 8.00

  3. Levi CARLSON 5.67

  4. Uriah MCDONALD 4.37

Maverick Suess

Maverick Suess completed a great season by taking his 8th title win. He dropped a huge 8.00 score en route to his victory. Greyson Burrell had a high wave of 5.00 in his runner up performance. Levi Carlson and Uriah McDonald rounded out the top four.

Girls U18

Season Champion : Eden Walla


  1. Eden WALLA 15.50

  2. Ezra MCPHILLIPS 12.14

  3. Isabelle KRYGER 11.50

  4. Veronica HUGHES 8.97

Eden Walla

Eden Walla competed in just 7 of the 10 events this year but dominated the season by winning 6 of them, including the final title. In the championship heat, she got off to a hot start with an 8.17 opener and followed that up with a 7.33. Ezra McPhillips tried to catch up but could only get second place with a high wave of 6.67. Isabelle Kyger and Veronica Hughes was third and fourth in the finale.

Girls U16

Season Champion : Bailey Turner


  1. Bailey TURNER 18.00

  2. Victoria DUPRAT 13.80

  3. Ezra MCPHILLIPS 11.37

  4. London MEZA 8.23

Bailey Turner

Bailey Turner won the first of her two titles on the day by taking the final in dominant fashion. Her two scores of 9.67 and 8.33 put the other finalists in need of a combination of scores. Victoria Duprat caught 7 waves in the final with a high score of 6.97. Ezra McPhillips (high wave of 5.70) and London Meza (4.33) rounded out the final four.

Girls U14

Season Champion : Bailey Turner


  1. Bailey TURNER 12.23

  2. Victoria DUPRAT 11.54

  3. Teagan MEZA 10.04

  4. Zoe PANETIERRE 8.00

Bailey Turner won the second of her two titles on the day. She and Victoria Duprat finished one-two as they did in the U16 finals. Turner had a high wave score of 6.33 in this one and Duprat could only get a 5.87. Teagan Meza, who was trying for her second win of the day finished third and Zoe Panetierre was fourth in the field.

Girls U12

Season Champion : Ruby Stringfellow


  1. Teagan MEZA 14.33

  2. Ruby STRINGFELLOW 13.67

  3. Zoe PANETIERRE 12.23

  4. Riviera HUNTER 7.52

Teagan Meza

Teagan Meza took a very competitive heat. Meza got a 7.50 on her last wave of the final and it was just enough to get past the leader Ruby Stringfellow. The latter was the top seed after seven wins on the year and had a solid final with a 7.50 high wave good for runner-up. Zoe Panetierre had a 7.23 score in a third-place finish while Riviera Hunter had a fourth-place finish.

Micro Grom Girls U10

Season Champion : Teagan Sandvig


  1. Teagan SANDVIG 12.10

  2. Harper OLENIK 7.77

  3. Presley-Rose SCHILLMOELLER 6.43

  4. Alana HARP 6.30

Teagan Sandvig became a seven-time winner on the season as she ran away from the field with scores of 6.10 and 6.00 for the title. Harper Olenik had a 4.00 high score wave in a runner up finish. Presley-Rose Schillmoeller equaled her best finish of the season when finished third and Alana Harp was solid in fourth.

Boys U14 Longboard

Season Champion : Sawyer Southern


  1. Sawyer SOUTHERN 13.34

  2. Dominick LOMAX 10.00

  3. Slater VAN BRUGGEN 7.47

  4. Kai LANDERS 6.67

Sawyer Southern won for the 6th time this season as he put up an early score of 6.67 and it lifted him to a heat winning 13.34 score. Dominick Lomax tried to catch him but his late score of 6.67 fell just short, as he had his third runner up finish this season.

Boys U18 Longboard

Season Champion : Noah Hogle


  1. Lote HARVEY 13.60

  2. Emiliano MENDEZ 13.17

  3. Joshua SMILJANICH 9.84

  4. Jake REISENDER 9.00

Lote Harvey got his first win of the season, and it came with a West Coast Championship. Harvey had a huge 8.83 to lead off the scoring in the final and it brought him a victory. Emiliano Mendez had a high score of 7.00 in his runner up finish.

Girls U18 Longboard

Season Champion : Madelyn Skaar


  1. Madelyn SKAAR 10.00

  2. Izzy DERENZIS 9.24

  3. Stella LANDERS 8.57

  4. Allegra BARZAN

Madelyn Skaar won for the 3rd time this season as she rode a 5.43 high wave score to victory. Izzy Derenzis was second for the second time in her season. Stella Landers had the high wave score of the heat with a 6.00 but finished in third place.

Girls U14 Longboard

Season Champion : Elizabeth Carroll


  1. Hailey Stephens 10.50

  2. Elizabeth CARROLL 9.33

  3. Ella ANDERSON 5.07

  4. Blayke SOUTHERN 4.00

Hailey Stephens won her second title of the season in a close heat over runner up Elizabeth Carroll. Stephens had a high wave of 6.17 and won by 1.17 points. Carroll had a 5.00 as her high wave.

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