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The USA Prime West season hit the halfway point last week with stop number three of 6 at the Oceanside Harbor.

One thing is proving to be evident when looking at the results. The race for end of the year national championships is wide open.

So far 15 winners have been crowned through the three events and the honors have gone to 12 different surfers. Although three surfers won for the second time, the finalists in each division continue to produce new names.

To the Oceanside Jetty we go.....


Hayden Rodgers took his first win of the season and did it in dominating fashion. Not only did he breeze through his heats with big scores, but he also didn't lose a heat all day.

Hayden Rodgers

His big scores started in the quarterfinals, when he posted a 9.93 one wave score in a 16.43 heat total. Once in the semis, his roll continued with a 13.52 heat score featuring a 7.20 as his high score.

Then in the final, he took command early with a 7.83 mark and later in the heat comboed the rest of the field with an 8.50 and a 16.33 heat score.

Lucas Owston, who won the season opening event in Huntington Beach, finished second with an11.34 score. His high heat of the day was a 14.43 quarterfinal win, featuring a 9.00 score.

Other scores of note; Luke Guinaldo had a 9.17 en route to a 15.64 semifinal score, Gavin Lusby with a 9.00 in a 15.17 round 2 win and Wheeler Hasburgh with a 9.17 in a 15.2 round 2 win.

Seeding notes; Rodgers came into the event the 7th seed, bettering his fourth place finish in contest number 2.

Finalists: Hayden Rodgers 16.33, Lucas Owston 11.34, Luke Guinaldo 9.90, Dane Matson 7.83


Defending National champion Sara Freyre took her first win of the year.

Freyre finished third in last month's event and topped that finish this time around when she put up a 7.33 on her final wave to nail down the win. Runner up Bella Kenworthy had the lead before Freyre took over on top and could not get the score needed. She ended with a 10.10 score for the heat.

Sara Freyre

Both Kenworthy and Freyre had their second top four finish of the season.

Other Scores of note; Kenworthy with a huge 8.50 in a 14.33 semifinal win, and Eden Walla who not only had a 6.17 in a 11.77 quarter final win, but also put up a 6.83 in a 12.60 round 1 win.

Seeding notes; Sierra Downer came into the event 17th seed, had her best finish when placing 3rd and Walla, the star of the U14 division, came in 29th seed and rounded out the finals with a 4th place finish.

Finalists; Sara Freyre 12.66, Bella Kenworthy 10.10, Sierra Downer 8.70, Eden Walla 8.44


Lucas Senkbeil Cassity continued to be the top gun in the division, winning his second title of the season.

Lucas Cassity

But it wasn't easy.

Cassity and Rex Hennings did battle all day, with both breezing their way to the finals.

Hennings won his three heats during the qualifying, once topping Cassity when matched together. But in the finals, Cassity has an answer.

Hennings held the lead with a 4.83 and a 7.67 until two minutes left in the final when Cassity, needing a low 6, put up a 6.47 and won by 0.14 winning 12.64 to 12.50.

It was Hennings' first top 4 finish of the season.

Other scores of note; Hennings had a 7.50 in a 14.33 semifinal win, as well as a 7.50 in a 14.10 quarterfinal win, Eeli Timperi had a 7.33 in a 14.36 quarterfinal win and Ethan Hollender put up an 8.33 in a 16.16 round two win.

Seeding notes; Cassity remains the top-seed based on his two wins this year while Hennings bettered his 5th spot ranking. Chase Niemann had a huge performance. He came in seeded 22nd and finished 3rd topping his best previous finish of 17th.

Finalists: Lucas Senkbeil-Cassity 12.64, Rex Hennings 12.50, Chase Niemann 12.23, Jesse Rapp 6.70


Eden Walla continued to be the one to beat in the division as she took her second win to go along with a third-place finish, making her the only surfer in the USA Prime West events this year to be a finalist in all three events.

Eden Walla

Walla and last month's winner Avery McDonald did battle all day.

They each won their quarter final heats, then matched up in the semis with Walla taking the win, as both surfers advanced the finals.

In the final, McDonald had the lead late, but Walla needed a backup to her 6.00 and got it with another 6.00 to take the title with a 12.00 edging out McDonalds 10.87.

Other scores of note; Walla had an 8.33 in a 14.30 semifinal win, Kaia Howard had an 8.17 in a 13.57 quarterfinal win and Vela Mattive had a 6.83 in a 13.50 quarterfinal win.

Seeding notes; Walla will retain her top seed for the next event. Bailey Turner came into the event seeded 17th and finished with a season best 3rd place.

Finalists: Eden Walla 12.00, Avery McDonald 10.87, Bailey Turner 9.70, Vela Mattive 7.73


The 11-year-old phenom Zion Walla matched his sister's achievement and also won his second title of the season. Ironically, they both won titles in the same events, both times.

Zion Walla

Walla could do little wrong in the final dropping scores of 6.83 and 6.53 in his 13.36 heat winning score.

Runner up Noah Lavik put up a good fight but finished second with a 11.50 total.

The diminutive Walla opened his day failing to land airs on his first three wave rides, but quickly came back and got in a barrel on his fourth try, scoring an 8.17 and he was on his way.

Other scores of note; Tanner Sandvig had a 6.50 in a 12.33 semifinal win, Westley Young scored a 7.33 in a 13.66 quarterfinal win, Makai Castle dropped a 6.83 in a 12.66 quarterfinal win and Brody Price had a 7.67 in a 13,67 quarterfinal win.

Seeding notes; Walla came in 4th seed but will move up with his second win, Noah Lavik seeded 11th had his best finish of the season.

Finalists: Zion walla 13.36, Noah Lavik 11.50, Tanner Sandvig 8.60, Westley Young 7.67

USA Prime West will now be off until March 25th, when they sound the horn at San Onofre for event number 4.

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