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She may be just 9 years old, but the youngest of the surfing Meza children put up the biggest score in the NSSA Nationals a few weeks ago.

Teagan Meza, the third of 4 Meza kids in the family (the final one is just 3 years old), had herself quite a two weeks of action in the National championships.

First, she started by taking first place in the USA Nationals in the girls under 12 division with scores of 7.33 and 8.33 in the final heat.

Before the excitement could go away, she took to the waves at Huntington Beach in the NSSA Nationals and pulled off a perfect 10 in the semi-finals of the under 10 girls division.

The score, combined with an 8.33 she got on the wave prior, gave her a heat total of 18.33

Once in the finals, she made a nice comeback, scoring 8.60 and 6.40 in her 5th and 6th waves of the heat to take the championship.

"I was stoked to win the USA Championship," Teagan said. "It shows you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it."

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