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The surf team from San Dieguito High School Acadamy was taken to the limit by Carlsbad High in the first day of the Scholastic Surf Series State High School championships but prevailed in the last event to claim the title for Coastal Schools.

Eeli Timperi and Dane Libby finished 1-2 in the third and final heat of the men's shortboard, locking down the title for the Mustangs.

In all, eight teams hit the water in men's and women's longboard and short board events as well as a coed body board division.

Let's go to Oceanside Harbor and see what went down.

Mens Shortboard

The final heat went to San Dieguito 34-29 over Carlsbad.

Eeli Timperi

The teams were tied at 21 after two heats and the decider saw Eeli Timperi take the heat win for the Mustangs. Dane Libby made it a top two sweep while Kai Williams finished third for Carlsbad.

During the day, Timperi won all three of his heats to lead the way.

Titus Santucci and Lukas McMahon each had two heat wins for SD, while Bryson Palmer had one win.

Other heat winners in the division were by Campbell Heit, Bryse Celeya, Ryder Salberg, and David Gibson for San Clemente, Jack Van Wagoner and Kai Williams each had two and Nate MacBeth (1) for Carlsbad, Nathan Stepan for Ventura and Callan Emery, Jacob Brown and Asher Hodgman for Dana Hills.

Womens Shortboard

Syd Ott led the way with three heat wins, including the final, leading San Dieguito to 14-7 win in the finals over San Clemente.

Syd Ott

Ott and Marlee Lovell finished 1-2 in the finals to help the Mustangs take the division.

Other heat winners for the ladies were by Addy McPhillips and Sierra Downer for San Clemente, Delaney Poulos for Ventura and Rilynn Baker for Dana Hills.

Mens Longboard

The king of the Longboard, Carlsbad High's Jack Van Wagoner dominated his three heats, leading his team to a 13-8 win in the finals.

Jack Van Wagoner

He dropped an 8.50 and 8.00 in the championship heat.

Other heat winners included San Clemente's Zeke Rose (2 wins), San Dieguito's Ty Evans and Dana Hills' Callan Emery.

Womens Longboard

Ventura's Malia Ilagan took the championship heat giving Ventura a 13-8 win over Carlsbad.

Ilagan won two heats on the day, as did Carlsbad's Avalon Besso. Rilynn Baker also had a heat win for Dana Hills.

Ty Traubman

Co-ed Body Board

Ty Traubman and Yu Yu Chan finished 1-2 for San Dieguito to take the final, 7-3 over Point Loma.

Traubman scored an 8.00 ride to seal the win.

Sunday the Inland teams hit the water for their championship heats and on Monday, the singles winners will be crowned.

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