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Long Beach's Nolan Raposa and 15-year-old San Clemente surfer Bella Kenworthy highlighted the day for locals at the Vans US Open day 2.

Raposa ripped his way to a heat win with an 11.60 heat total to advance to Tuesday's 2nd round.

Rapoza had a flair for the dramatics, as he scored a 5.93 in the final seconds to get the win by 0.17.

But it was ladies day on Sunday, as the women started off their program and the top score getter on the day was Florida native Caroline Marks who slashed her way to an 8.67 wave and a 16.07 heat total , the highest of the day for the women.

Santa Ana's Courtney Conlogue won her heat with a 12.43 heat total and Santa Barbara's Lakey Peterson also qualified for the 2nd round with 11.20.

But one of the main stories was Kenworthy,

who got in the competition as an alternate, and after leading her heat late in the event, was passed in the final minutes by eventual heat winner Molly Picklum.

Picklum who is from Australia and currently ranked 2nd in the challenger series rankings for women for 2022 , scored a 6.00 on her last scoring wave to win by the slimmest of margins, 0.01, 11.07 to 11.06.

Kenworthy had the highest scoring wave of the heat with the 6.83 and advances on to the 2nd round.

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