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Week 2 of the National Scholastic Surfing Association invaded Salt Creek Beach at Dana Point over the weekend and the results were quite different than week one.

In fact, all 9 divisions were one by different people than were victorious just a week earlier in Ventura.

Here is how Week 2 went down


Finalists: Titus Santucchi, Amir Rafaeli, Lucas Senkbeil, Eeli Timperi

Runner-up last week in Ventura, Titus Santucci got the job done in week 2 and took the title.

The 16-year-old won his first title in the men's open division by ripping his way to a 12.63 heat total in the final, thanks to a 7.20 wave score. In the first two events of the season, Santucci has proven to be a threat each week.

Titus Santucci

"Winning is reassurance that the work I've been putting in is helping me to improve and it gives me motivation to keep grinding," he said. "I've been working a lot on my frontside snaps and getting confident with pushing my tail through the waves more."

Santucci won his semifinal heat with an 8.23/14.56 score and scored an 8.00/15.00 in round one.


Finalists: Sara Freyre, Sierra Downer, Addison McPhillips, Mara Morales

Reigning national champion Sara Freyre picked the right wave at the right time and used it to get her the title.

Watching a few lesser waves go by as other girls got on the board, Freyre jumped on her second wave and rode it to a 6.83 score. Her heat of 10.80 was enough to hold off Sierra Downer who ended with a 4.83 wave score. Her 8.06 heat score was good enough for second place.

Freyre came into the event as the top seed in the Women's Open division.


Finalists: Luke MacBeth, Lucas Senkbeil , Eeli Timperi , Dane Libby

Luke MacBeth failed to advance in the week one event in Ventura but showed up in a big way at Salt Creek.

Luke MacBeth

In a loaded heat final, MacBeth put up his high heat score of the day with a 15.27 on wave scores of 8.50 and 6.77 to take the title.

All four in the finals, MacBeth along with Lucas Senkbeil, Eeli Timperi and Dane Libby ripped all weekend.

MacBeth had a heat scores of 13.76, and 11.77 as he made his way through the weekend.


Finalists: Kaydn Persidok, Brynley Beckman, Marlo Leigh Harris, Reid VanWagoner

This one was a barn burner as all four girls traded nice wave scores, but in the end, it was Kadyn Persidok (10.84) that held on to a slim win over Brynley Beckman (9.86) and Marlo Leigh Harris (9.67).

Persidok ultimately won it with a huge 7.17 score on her third wave on the final.

Kadyn was on fire all day winning all three of her heats, doing just enough to advance on.


Finalists: Jamie Veselko, Makia Castle, Jett Maughan, Bodhi Aguilar

Jamie Veselko started and ended the weekend in fine fashion as he opened round one with a 7.67/13.00 heat win and ended the final with a huge 8.00 wave total and a 13.23 heat score to take the win.

It was his first ever NSSA event.

Makai Castle was a close second with scores of 6.33/11.06 as he attempted for his first win of the season. He made the finals in week one and settled for third place.


Finalists: Marlo Leigh Harris, Teagan Meza, Peeta Kenworthy, Brynley Beckman

Marlo Leigh Harris was on fire the whole weekend. Besides making the finals in the u16 girls division (where she finished third) she not only made the finals in the u14 but she took the title.

Harris dropped a 7.83, the highest of the heat and her 13.16 heat total held off Teagan Meza (11.34).

Meza made a late run at Harris with a 6.77 late in the heat but finished second best.

Harris' highest heat total of the day was in the u16 semifinal when she scored a 6.83 with a 12.33 total.

Meza also finished third in the u12, completing her solid weekend.


Finalists: Finn Castle, Wyatt Yount, Cruz Freyre, Slater Van Bruggen

Last week, Wyatt Yount, and Finn Castle were 1-2 in the u12 division. This weekend, they did it again but reversed the order.

Castle got the top honors this time, and with scores that were the highest of the entire event.

The younger Castle brother dropped scores of 8.50 and 9.10 for a huge 17.60 heat score. His score was so high, all of his competitors needed a combination score to beat him.

In the semi's, Castle had a 7.40/13.73 total and, in the quarterfinals, put up an 8.67/14.67 score.

If you can be on fire in the water, he was.


Finalists: Ruby Stringfellow, Peeta Kenworthy, Teagan Meza, Zoe Panettiere

Last week, Teagan Meza put up a 9.00 wave score to take the title and this week it was Ruby Stringfellow.

Ruby opened scoring with a big score of 7.33 and two waves later dropped a massive 9.00 to insure the victory.

Her heat total of 16.33 was highest of the weekend on the girl's side.

In the semis, she had a heat score of 14.50 with a high wave of 7.67.

Peeta Kenworthy had a good day as well, finishing second with a 13.67 after a 13.50 in the semifinals.


Finalists: Cash Schillmoeller, Cruz Freyre, Waylon Brennan, Zackery Taylor, Brett Gregorious

Cash Schillmoeller made his last two waves count the most as he dropped scores of 4.83 and 5.77 to come from behind and hold on for the title.

Cryz Fryre, last week's winner, held the lead early on his 6.67 wave.

Schillmoeller had a heat total of 10.60, narrowly holding off the 10.34 score of Freyre.

This week the Explorer Divisions will competing at Carlsbad.

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