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Cardiff Bech was the site for the NSSA Southwest stop number 5 over the weekend. After a short break the tournament staff and surfers were ready to go and got back to action in a big way. Five surfers won their first title of the season while one of them won for the fourth time.

To Cardiff we go.


Finalists: Titus Santucchi, Eeli Timperi , Dane Matson, Hayden Rodgers

Titus Santucci got his second win of the season, in a field loaded with talented surfers.

The 17-year-old delivered all day long in climbing through 34 competitors for the win. In the finals, he put up scores of 8.33 and 7.77 for a 16.10 heat score. Runner up Eeli Timperi had a 7.83/13.10 in the finals.

Earlier in the weekend, Santucci put up an 8.60/16.93 in the quarterfinals. Timperi, made the final with a semifinal score of 15.30 on waves of 7.33 and 7.97.

Titus Santucci

Other highlights in the Division were by

  • Hayden Rodgers 8.17/15.84,

  • Dane Libby 8.50/14.40,

  • Kai Kushner 8.10/14.40

  • Lucas Senkbiel-Cassity 8.50/16.17.


Finalists: Sara Freyre, Mia Moore, Sierra Downing, Addison McPhillips

Sara Freyre won her third title of the season in a low scoring but close final championship.

Freyre survived with scores of 5.33 and 4.73 but her 10.06 heat total was just enough to hold off Mia Moore.

Sara Freyre

Moore had a 9.80 total with scores of 4.67 and 5.13 losing by just .26.

Freyre made her way to finals with earlier scores of 7.77/14.04 in the semifinals and an 8.00/15.00 in the quarters.

Other highlights in the division:

  • Sierra Downing 7.00/12.07

  • Addison McPhillips 4.63/9.03

  • Maddie Stanton 6.67/9.84


Finalists: Eeli Timperi, Luke MacBeth, Hans Odriozola, Reef Persidok

After finishing second in the Men's Open, Timperi got right back in the water and won the 16 and under with a 15.40 heat total.

Eeli Timperi

He opened with a huge 9.33 and held a comfortable advantage throughout. He put up big numbers all weekend, featuring a 7.33/14.16 in the semis and an 8.27/14.67 in the quarterfinals.

Luke MacBeth rode a heat high 7 waves in the final, his best being a 5.57 but could not catch Timperi.

In round two, he had an 8.33/14.83 total to advance through.

Hans Odriozola, wins the snowman award for the day with a wave score of at least 8.00 in every round before the finals. He put up an 8.00/14.10 in round one, 8.33/14.83 in round two, 8.83/14.83 in the quarterfinals and 8.17/14.27 in the semis before finishing third in the finals.

Other highlights in the division:

  • Dane Libby 8.00/15.00

  • Lucas Senkbeil Cassity 7.33/13.26

  • Jessie Rapp 6.50/12.43

  • Fynn Neth 6.23/10.83


Finalists: Maddie Stanton, Marlo Leigh Harris, Victoria Duprat, Reid VanWagoner

Maddie Stanton won her first title of the season (to go along with a prior Explorer title) with a huge 14.16 final heat score. She did it with wave scores of 7.33 and 6.83.

Marlo Harris put together a good heat with scores of 6.30 and 6.77 for second (13.07) and Victoria Duprat had a high of 6.17 in a third-place score of 11.94.

Other Highlights in the division

  • Reid VanWagoner 5.13/10.46

  • Victoria Duprat 7.67/13.67


Finalists: Jett Maughan, Jamie Veselko, Tanner Sandvig, Brody Buck

Jett Maughan won his first title of the season with a 12.76 heat total. He opened the scoring with a 7.33 and took the lead for good. Jamie Veselko also opened big, tallying a 6.83 on his first wave and finished in second with a 10.16.

Jett Maughan

Both Maughan and Veselko won all their heats leading into the finals. Veselko had a huge 8.33/11.74 in the quarterfinals

Other highlights in the division:

  • Tanner Sandvig 8.00/14.50

  • Finn McCarty 4.90/973

  • Oliver Rowe 6.67/11.74


Finalists: Eden Walla, Zoey Kaina, Victoria Duprat, Brynley Beckman

Eden Walla and Zoey Kaina did battle all day and when the final horn sounded it was Walla that took the win.

The two matched up in the same heat three times and took turns getting the top spot.

In the quarters, Walla took the win with 8.67/16.50 to Kaina's 5.77/12.80. In the semifinals, Kaina had a huge 8.93/15.36 to Wall's 7.00/13.80. But in the end, it was Walla that got the finals win.

Other highlights in the division:

  • Victoria Duprat 7.03/12.70

  • Kaia Howard 6.17/9.97

  • Marlo Harris 5.83/9.46


Finalists: Luciano Locatelli, Moses Hennings. Gerrit Bakker, Dane Gregorius

Luciano Locatelli won his first title of the season in a close battle.

The final four saw Locatelli win with a 5.27 and 4.20 for a 9.47. He won by .27 over Moses Hennings 4.87 and 4.33 (9.20) and Gerrit Bakker was a close third with a 4.00 and 4.67 (8.67).


Winner: Tyler Stanton

Tyler won her first title of the season, unopposed but scored a 2.50 on her one wave.


Winner: Cruz Freyre

Freyre won for the 4th time in 5 weeks. He surfed waves of 6.33 and 5.83. Brett Gregorius was second with a 5.33/10.00

Stop Number 6 will be held January 28-29 at the Pier in Huntington Beach.

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Irene Navarro
Irene Navarro
Dec 06, 2022

Thanks so muchn for the coverage!

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