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With a busy schedule of events during the last month of the season, many NSSA Open surfers made their way to Ventura for Open number 8, the final one before the West Coast Championships.

With the Western Surfing Association holding their championships this weekend as well, some surfers had to decide where they participated. Those that made their way to C Street were rewarded with a good swell and competitive divisions.

Here were the big winners of the weekend.

Eeli Timperi

Eeli Timperi

Timperi not only took down the Open Men's division, but the Open Juniors as well.

In the Men's group, Timperi put up scores of 8.17 and 7.27 for a 15.44 heat total. It was enough to top Jack Zoltan, who manged a 13.50 on scores of 6.80 and 6.70.

Through the qualifying, Timperi put up massive scores. In the semis he had a 16.88 heat (8.50, 8.33) and a 14.90 in the quarters (8.00, 6.90).

Other high scores in the divison were by Gavin Lusby (8.33/13.43), Henry Rothey (8.03/12.53), and Lukas McMahon (6.47/12.14).

In the Junior division, the standings were quite closer as Timperi's heat total of 11.73 was just .23 better than runner up Hans Odriozola's 11.50. Not far behind was Dane Libby's 11.20.

"I think that waiting for the best waves and performing on them was what worked for me the best," Timperi said. " I am really happy to end the season on a good note,"

The scores were higher in the preliminaries as Odriozola had an (8.30/15.47), Timperi had a (7.83/15.16), Loyal Kenworthy (6.33/11.90).

Rintaro Suneya

After winning two titles the week before at the NSSA explorer, Suneya came back and won the Boys U4 division with scores of 8.33 and 8.17 for a 16.50 finals heat score.

As he did in the week prior, he took the second advancing spot in both the quarters and the semis before winning the finals.

Brody Buck finished second with a (5.93/11.00) total, Tanner Sandvig was third (5.80/10.40) and Oliver Rowe rounded out the final four.

Buck had the second highest heat total of the divison when he dropped an (8.17/14.17) score in the quarterfinals.

Cruz Freyre

Freyre took home the U12 division by putting up finals scores of 8.10 and 7.83 for a huge 15.93 total.

Giacomo Mesinas finished second (6.97/13.00), Moses Hennings was third (6.73/11.40) and Gerrit Bakker (4.83/9.43).

Addison McPhillips

Addison took first in the Women's Open by 1.13 points when she dropped scores of 6.57 and 5.40 for an 11.97 to beat Sierra Downer (10.84), Sara Freyre (10.66) and Maddie Stanton (10.40) in a very contentious four-way battle.

The high heat of the division was by Freyre. who put up a 9.00 wave score in a 13.83 heat one total.

Stanton and Storrer each had an 11.00 heat score in round one with Stanton winning the tie break with a 6.33 wave score.

Reid VanWagoner

VanWagoner was on fire all day and it culminated in a pair of titles.

In the the Girls U16 division, her huge 9.83 on her last wave of the event, added to her earlier 7.50 gave her a 17.33 heat score and the championship.

Hana Bakker also had a good final, dropping a high score of 8.00 in a 14.33 heat that was good enough for second place. Marlo Leigh Harris and Brynley Beckman rounded out the top 4.

Marlo Harris had a nice 12.05 round 1 heat featuring a 7.33 high wave score.

In the U14 group, VanWagoner again saved the best for last, when her final two waves each came in at an 8.50 to come from behind and win with a 17.00 heat score.

Zoey Kaina had a good heat as well, coming in second with a high score of 8.33 in her 15.66 heat and Peeta Kenworthy was third with a 13.57.

Earlier, Kaina had a semi final score of 16.33 with an 8.33 high mark and Marlo Leigh Harris dropped the highest wave score of the division with a 9.67 in a 15.50 heat.

Peeta Kenworthy and Cruz Freyre took the Open Mini Grom Girls and U10 boys divisions respectively.

The Open Season champions were also announced and congratulations to all the winners.

Mens Open - Titus Santucci 2 wins, 4 seconds

Womens Open - Sara Freyre 4 wins, 1 second

Boys U16 - Eeli Timperi 2 wins

Girls U16 - Marlo Leigh Harris 2 wins, 2 seconds

Boys U14 - Tanner Sandvig 2 wins, 1 second

Girls U14 - Marlo Leigh Harris 2 wins, 1 second

Boys U12 - Cruz Freyre 1 win

Grisl U12 Ruby Stringfellow 3 wins, 3 seconds

Boys U10 - Cruz Freyre 5 wins, 1 second

The NSSA West Coast Championships runs May 17-21 at Huntington Beach.

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