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The National Scholastic Surfing Association's North and Southwest divisions of the Explorer series was in full force over the weekend running two contests at each site. While Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz was the site up north, surfers were hitting Ponto Beach in Carlsbad down South.

Let's take a look at how it went down


SOUTH - Peruvian champion Sean Goldszmidt continued his training vacation in California and took home 2 titles over the weekend.

On Saturday, the 16-year-old defeated the red-hot Titus Santucci when he put up wave scores of 8.67 and 7.33 for a 16.00 total. Santucci battled hard with an 8.00 and a 14.77 heat total but it was 2nd best.

Sean Goldszmidt

Santucci put together the highest heat total of the event for the major boys with a 17.00 semifinal on scores of 8.67 and 8.33.

On Sunday, Goldszmidt battled the elements to a 13.97 heat total with a high score of 7.50.

Runner-up Luke Rebensdorf managed only an 8.63 in the final for second place. In the semifinals, he put up a 16.00 heat score.

NORTH - James Daniel had a double of his own winning both titles.

On Saturday, his final heat total of 16.80 was highlighted by wave scores of 8.60 and 8.20 to best runner up Jackson Taylor. Taylor started hot in the final with a 9.00 but could not get a high enough 2nd wave to compete with Daniel for the win.

James Daniel photo by Juan Pablo Gutierrez

On day 2, Daniel managed a high wave of 6.93 in the final with a 13.6 heat total. Cooper Shenk had the runner up finish on Sunday with a 7.53 total.

"I tried to keep my game plan simple," said Daniels. "I wanted to peak during the finals."


SOUTH - In a small turnout, Maddie Stanton defeated Elliana Geffney, 9.50 to 4.50 on Saturday. There was no division on day 2.

Stanton had a high wave score of 6.17 easily defeating her 3 opponents.

NORTH - In yet another small turnout, Maddie Storrer and Zoe Chait each finished in the top two both days.

On Saturday Storrer put up only 2 wave scores in the final, but they were 8.67 and 7.57. Her 16.24 was enough to narrowly beat Chait who managed a 15.86 with her high being a 9.53 final wave.

Chait came back on Sunday and put up an 8.60 wave in a 15.03 final heat score to turn the tables on Storrer's 10.83.


SOUTH - Luke Rebensdorf and Kolby Aipa each took titles in a very competitive division.

On Saturday Rebensdorf had a 12.50 total in the finals and held on to beat Romeo Stone, despite Stone's 10.57. Rebensdorf had a 16.83 heat earlier on the day.

On Sunday, Aipa used a late score of 6.17 to come from 3rd place in the final minutes and win the event over prior leader Ryder Smith. His 11.24 total was just enough to beat Smith's 9.57.

NORTH - Another split decision here as the 2 titles went to Ethan Hollander and Brody Price.

Hollander took Saturday's event with a high score of 12.67, narrowly holding off Styder Stelk, who had a 10.93. Hollander had wave scores of 6.57 and 6.10 with Stelk having a high of 6.33.

On Sunday, Price prevailed, surfing up a division, when he totaled 14.34 to narrowly beat Jonny Herrouin, who had a 13.26. Price had a high score of 8.67 while Herrouin's 7.43 was 1 of only 7 waves scored in the entire finale.


NORTH - Madyson Stone and Olivia Storrer took turns winning titles.

Up first was Stone, who had a 10.67 heat total on the strength of a 6.67 wave. She narrowly beat Sienna Cook, who had a 10.16 and Storrer, who had a 10.00.

On Sunday, Storrer came back and took the title with and 11.54 total on a 6.27 high wave score. Runner up Camille Cortazo, had an 8.64 heat score.


SOUTH - It was the Loyal Kenworthy show as he took both titles.

Loyal Kenworthy

On Saturday, he defeated Makai Castle with a 13.47 heat total with wave scores of 6.90 and 6.57.

Castle had a huge 7.74 wave and a 12.87 total in a narrow loss. Right behind them was Jesse Rapp whose 12.23 featured a 6.30 wave.

On Sunday, Kenworthy came back to beat Jesse Rapp in the final with a 12.17 total on a 6.50 wave. Rapp had the high Score of the division with a 16.17 quarter final heat with wave scores of 8.67 and 7.50.

NORTH - Maddox Keet and Brody Price took titles in the 14 and under division.

First up was Keet, who won his heat with an 11.87 heat total, narrowly beating Kai Wolsbeck. Keet had a 7.10 and Wolsbeck a 6.10.

On day two, Price, who had already won the 16 and under division, took a second win of the weekend with a 15.23 heat total. His scores of 7.83 and 7.40 accounted for the score.


SOUTH - Kaydn Persidok put up dominating performances on both days.

Kaydn Persidok

On Saturday, she had a 13.46 heat total with the 7.43 high score and then came back Sunday and she topped the field with a 14.00 with a high 7.50 wave.

NORTH - Kaikora Nauenberg and Olivia Storrer each took titles.

Nauenberg won Saturday with a 13.83 heat total thanks to a huge 8.33 wave score and on Sunday, Storrer claimed a win with a slim advantage over Nauenberg at the finish with a 12.83 to 12.80 final


SOUTH - Brody Buck was the man on Saturday, as he rode 9 waves in the final, his highest being a 9.17 and he backed that up with an 8.33 for an incredible 17.50 heat score and the title

On Sunday, Tanner Sandvig showed his form by putting up a 13.67 total in the finals to hold off Kai Thompson. Thompson, who surfed incredibly well all weekend, finished second both days. Sandvig had an 8.00 on his 5th wave in route to the victory.

NORTH- Maddox Keet and Zander Brown were the winners for the weekend.

Keet took his final heat on Saturday with a 14.16 total thanks to a 7.83 high wave score. Brown was right behind him with the 12.60. On Sunday, Brown came back and got the best of Keet with a 14.73 total.


SOUTH - This was the Teagan Meza show.

Teagan Meza

On Saturday, Teagan took the title with a 12.27 heat total on scores of 6.50 and 5.77. Then on Sunday in tougher conditions, she totaled a 9.83 with a high score of 5.33, Finishing 2nd both days was Peeta Kenworthy, who had a 10.54 on Saturday and 8.33 on Sunday.


In the Super Groms and 10 and under divisions, the winners were Dane Gregorius and Teagan Meza down south and up north, Jack Keet was a double champion and Riviera Hunter, and Emery Storrer were each title winners.

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