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San Clemente's Jett Schilling made a spirited comeback in the finals of the World Surf League Vans Pro at Virgina Beach Saturday and won his first ever Qualifying Series title.

The 19-year-old, shown above from earlier this year, trailed North Carolina's Owen Moss midway through their finals match up, but back-to-back wave scores of 8.67 and 7.77 gave him a heat total of 16.44 to Moss'14.70.

The win earned Schilling 3,000 points on the Men's North America QS leaderboard, of which this was the first event of the season.

Other top local finishers were Wesley Santos (5th place), Kei Kobayashi (9th), Eithan Osborne (13th), Taj Lindblad, Wheeler Hasburgh and Cole McCaffray (17th). Greyson Grant and Kyan Yang each finished in 25th place.

On the women's side, Sawyer Lindblad lost in the finals to Alyssa Spencer, 14.30 to 9.67.

Lindblad defeated Kirra Pinkerton and Chelsea Tuach to make the finals.

Other top finishers were Bella Kenworthy (5th), and Vela Mattive (9th).

The tour now moves to Nags Head, North Carolina for the WRV Outer Banks Pro, which begins on August 31st.

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