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The season ending matchup between Newport Harbor and Huntington Beach High Schools on Thursday was supposed to settle the Sunset Surfing League regular season title.

That is until Edison High School upset the apple cart.

Edison pulled off an unexpected 76-71 win over Newport, giving the latter two losses and making the season finale a mere formality since Huntington remains unbeaten. Newport also lost to Huntington in the team's first match up of the season.

As it stands now, with two matches left, Huntington is 7-0, followed by Newport 5-2, Edison 5-3, Fountain Valley 1-6, and Marina 0-7.

Although there seems to be little riding on the Thursdays match against Newport, HB coach Andy Verdone knows there is still work to be done.

"It's always important to do well at your home beach and Newport will have David O'Keefe and he is arguably the best surfer in the league," Verdone said, referring to the fact that O'Keefe was surfing in a QS when the teams last met.

"Coach (Matt) Burns always shows up to play at a high level. He is a great coach, and they are a great team. It will be fun. When you get to surf here, at the pier, the home of the US Open... you got thank your lucky stars."

Let's go around the league


This match was close every step of the way as each heat had a difference of three points or less.

Edison got heat wins from Hans Odriozola, Mara Morales (long and shortboard), Esai Gonzales, Evan Pommerenk and Saxon Baltzer.

Saxon Baltzer

Newport fought hard with wins by Josh Kierstad, and David O'Keefe and second place finishes by Mavrick Mann, Georgia Sinacori, Ronan Collins and Ashley Hunt.

Baltzer got the high wave award for a 6.66 in what was a very windy day for surfing.

"It's nice to get a W against a quality opponent, "said Edison coach Zoran Forgiarini. "It validates the work the team has put in. We have a bunch of great kids, and they are great students as well."


Newport led from start to finish in a road matchup.

Ashley Hunt led the way with two heat wins but got plenty of back up.

Josh Kierstad, Ronan Collins, Milo Eli-McGregor, DY Girvin and David O'Keefe all got heat wins for Newport while Chad Wadsworth, Evan Kristiansen, Georgia Sinacori and Kalen Wood all got second place.

Milo Eli-McGregeor

Fountain Valley was led by Eddie Watkins, Meleana Walker, and Mateo Arellano who all took second place in their heats. Noah Arellano and Abby Middlebrooks both nabbed third place points.

Milo Eli-McGregor put up the high wave score of the day with a 7.5 score.


The Oilers took 1st in six of the seven heats.

Wins came from Taj Anderson, Niyah Rosen, Cameron Youngsma, Ava Wagester, Tanner Bellarose and Jacon Contini.

Ava Wagester

Sophia Carvalho, Dylan Zazueta, Rosen, Kolby Aipa and Dylan Korken all took second place points.

The Barons only heat win came from Mateo Arellano. Eddie Watkins and Noah Arellano both finished second and Meleana Walker and Diego Dunlap claimed third place points.

Ava Wagester claimed the high wave score award with an 8.33


Edison put up a battle for three heats, but Huntington broke open a close match by winning the last four heats.

Cameron Youngsma

Taj Anderson, Sara Freyre, Dylan Sloan, Tanner Bellarose and Cameron Youngsma all won their heats for the Oilers and Niyah Rosen had a pair of second place finishes.

Edison was led by wins from Mara Morales and Hans Odriozola, and second place results from Micah Baltzer, Esai Gonzales, Saxon Baltzer and Mahteo Gonzales.

Cameron Youngsma won the high wave award with a 7.17.

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