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The preliminaries are done at Santa Cruz' Steamer Lane for the Cold Water Classic and the WSL QS competition is into the quarter finals starting on Friday.

On the women's side the match up are as follows.

  • Mia McLeish vs Zoe Benedetto

  • Havanna Cabrero vs Ella McCaffray

  • Autmn Hayes vs. Talia Swindal

  • Maddie Storrer vs. Bella Kenworthy

Kenworthy swept both her heats on Thursday, putting up heat totals of 11.74 and 14.17. In both heats she scored an 8.00 or higher on a single wave. McLeish surfed just once but put up the second highest heat score of the day for the ladies with a 13.10.

Encinitas surfer Ella McCaffray won her heat today despite some rough conditions and is ready for Friday's action.

"I had a pretty sketchy start, but I kept calm and was able to drop a score and back it up on the way back out," The 19-year-old said. "I'm looking forward to quarterfinals and finals day. Hopefully the swell sticks around and we get some consistent quality waves."

On the men's side, it shapes up like this.

Michael Dunphy vs Cole Houshmand

Taro Watanabe vs. Griffin Colapinto

Kolohe Andino vs Shaun Burns

Sam Coffey vs. Ian Crane

The highlight of the day was a 9.50 wave and 16.83 score put up by Colapinto. He narrowly edged housemate Houshmand for the top spot as Cole delivered an 8.23/15.40 heat.

Wheeler Hasburgh fared well in his heat with scores of 5.17 and 5.87 for a 11.04 total, and it was good for third best in the round of 32 behind Colapinto (17.00) and Watanabe (14.57).

David O'Keefe advanced to the round of 16 with an 11.50 heat in the round of 32. He later was eliminated in the heat that Colapinto had the massive scores.

"It means a lot to come to this iconic event and surf against some of the best in the world," O'Keefe said. "To get a good result, I'm really stoked."

Action begins again on Friday at 8:00 am

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